So far 1,333 people have seen LOURDES on YouTube. Some of the comments:

“What you have done here is nothing short of incredible. This is a fantastic film, and puts a human face on the issues facing our country right now. Lourdes is not a number or a statistic, she is a wife, a mother, a human being. I live 5 miles from the Mexican border, I have been to the tent cities, and I see people like Lourdes and her family every day.”

“Please take a half hour out of your day to see this powerful and important film by our friend Tony Collings about the deportation of a Mexican mother from our very own town. It will make you furious about this current administration's immigration policies, but fury in the service of positive change is a good thing.”

“I just finished watching your documentary and I was very close to tears. I can earnestly say that Lourdes and the way you crafted her story emotionally touched me and broke my heart, even though I already knew her story from our many discussions. Being able to develop a deep personal connection with the Salazar family allowed you to get honest, raw content that makes this film touch its viewers very very very deeply.”

“I don’t even know where to begin. So unbelievably powerful and emotional—brought me to tears. Amazing work!”

“This was magnificent, just a terrific piece of journalism, moving and suspenseful, meaningful, uplifting and at the same time sad... a portrait of people who want to do right but are entrapped in a drama of their own doing. Inspiring but also maddening and ultimately disappointing.”

Now online

Editing is finally done and the film is now online at https://vimeo.com/286548558

I'm grateful to all who helped, not only Lourdes and her wonderful family, but also videographers Patrick Murphy and Andrew Collings, and also:

Department of Communication Studies, University of Michigan

Susana Castro-Pollard            

Cristhian Carlo Espinoza-Pino

Maria Ibarra-Frayre             

Katelyn Johnson

Leonor Kromis                       

Alesia Lapinsky

Scott Mann

Beth Manuel

David Newman                       

Odette Petrini

Ruby Robinson

Laura Sanders                          

Michael Steinberg

Brad Thomson                         

Julissa Tinoco