This film by Anthony Collings tells the story of a Mexican-American family divided by deportation.

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From the film

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"For me the biggest thing is my family. And in truth the worst that has happened is the separation of my family."
-- Lourdes Salazar Bautista


This documentary was filmed from the spring of 2017 through the summer of 2018, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Toluca, Mexico.

It shows the many efforts of undocumented immigrant Lourdes Salazar Bautista to avoid deportation for having overstayed her visitor's visa. The film also shows the impact on her three American-born children of her threatened deportation, and of the actual deportation of her husband, Luis.

Lourdes was able, partly with the support of the Ann Arbor community, to win postponements of her deportation for seven years -- until the election of Donald Trump. After twenty years in America, in 2017 Lourdes was deported to Mexico.

The final section of the film shows her with her husband and two of her three children in Toluca, Mexico, where the local state government provided them with a new house and money for expenses. Lourdes misses her life in America and is saddened by being separated from her older daughter, Pamela, who is on scholarship at Michigan State University -- the first in their family to attend college. And Lourdes's family now faces more separations: her younger daughter, Lulys, went back to Michigan.